Annual Reports 2009 Print

The Report on Activities of the State Electricity Regulatory Commission in 2009 was adopted at the sessions of both Houses of the Parliamentary Assembly of Bosnia and Herzegovina, at the 77th session of the House of Representatives held on May 12, 2010 and the 47th session of the House of Peoples held on June 24, 2010.

The Report on Activities:

  • summarizes key activities of the State Electricity Regulatory Commission in 2009 and follows the process of approximation of Bosnia and Herzegovina to regional and European standards in electricity market functioning,
  • provides information on basic indicators of the power system, on characteristics, changes and prices in the electricity market both in the region and BiH,
  • provides indicators for measuring performance of BiH in generation, consumption and trade in electricity with the neighboring countries,
  • gives an overview of energy associations’ profiles, with focus on the institutions of the Energy Community, in whose Regulatory Board and professional bodies SERC is represented.

Report on the Energy Sector of Bosnia and Herzegovina in 2009 summarizes the most relevant indicators and information on the electricity and natural gas markets in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

The structure of the Report is based on the pattern agreed by the members of the Energy Community Regulatory Board and used by ERGEG, with some changes and integrations as required by the Energy Community framework.

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